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Completed Projects
Kite House

Completed Projects

  • Publication of a children's book of Karenni Proverbs in the Kayah language written by Dar Myar, a Karenni language teacher, and distributed to the primary schools in the three refugee camps.
  • Maps (as educational resources) for Camps 3 and 5 High Schools.
  • Art supplies, sports equipment, and English language games for Camp 3 High School.
  • Textbooks and English language readers for the Camp 2 Middle School and Camp 3 High School.
  • Karenni Student Union Day Celebration and Summer Students' Camp

Goals for 2002-2003

  • provide support for volunteers working with the Karenni people.
  • establish continuing educational opportunities for students who have completed high school.
  • foster relationships between Karenni schools and international schools.

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