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Press Release

News report August 19, 2002
News report August and September 2002

Latest News (collected by Karenni News Agency for Human Rights, inside sources)

August and September 2002

Situation in Shadaw relocation camp

On August 5, 2002 a column of Burmese troops from LIB No. 302 under-the-command of Maung Maung Ko, arrested three Shadaw relocation camp residents without a stated reason. These three camp residents were Kay Reh, 30, Pray Reh, 50, and Kyaw Than, 45. They were tortured by troops and detained at a military base for 7 days. They were finally released after staying in the detention center for 7 days.

On August 17, 2002 Saw Reh, 45, a Shadaw relocation camp resident, was arrested by Burmese troops from LIB No. 302 while he was working in a rice paddy field. He was brought to the military camp and detained there for 7 days. The troops took 20,000 kyat from him.

On August 17, 2002 a unit of Burmese troops from LIB No. 302 arrested another Shadaw relocation camp resident, Wei Reh, 28, accusing him of violating Act 17/1 (contact with rebels). His release date is unknown.

Shadaw relocation camp residents are now under tight restriction. The military authorities ordered all shopkeepers not to sell more than 16 tins (milk tins) of rice and Chinese-made Mountain shoes to the camp residents or outsiders. They were also told to not make fires during the daytime and not to go to work with extra packages of food.

Arrest and restriction of villagers

The Daw Tamadu and Daw Nyay Khu village chiefs were arrested by Burmese troops (unknown battalion number) on August 5, 2002. They were accused by the troops of failing to inform them about Karenni force activities. On that day, Khu Bae Reh and his wife from Daw Nyay Khu were also arrested without reason by the same troops. They were then released on the next day.

In addition, villagers in the area were ordered to carry out the following for the military:
1. Place security guards along the motor road.
2. Provide assistance to the Burmese troops stationed in the area and
3. Guarantee that there would be no attack on SPDC troops.

Villagers were also told that villagers must compensate the Burmese Army for any damages to military infrastructures or vehicles, or causalities during fighting.

Fine for failure to provide labor

On August 11, 2002 Captain Myint Soe from LIB No. 531, commander of Loilin Lay Burmese army base, ordered villagers living in Teelon and Wamngaw village tracts to come to his base and help repair the military barracks. However, it being the busiest time for villagers in their farms, no villagers were able to come. Therefore, the Burmese commander demanded each family to pay a fine of 1,500 kyat for failure to provide labor at the military base.

Bribery for application form

A schoolgirl from Daw Tahe, Loikaw who failed the tenth grade final examination was persuaded by her parents to apply for laboratory training to be held next month. On August 14, 2002 the health department official demanded 17,000 kyat from her for the application form and 200 kyat for a health calendar. She paid, but so far she hasn't been informed when the training entry course will take place.

Burmese private runs away

On August 19, 2002 at 19:03 a Burmese private Aung Ko Latt, personnel number K/86003 from company No. 1 of LIB No. 531 defected to the Karenni Army together with 1 G5 arm, 5 magazines and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Landmine victims

On August 12, 2002 at 09:50 a Pwadoh villager named Tarmaw Mee, 48, stepped on a landmine planted by the Burmese troops from LIB No. 428 while he was looking for vegetables. He died later. After a friend of his informed his family the following morning, his wife Naw Nae Neh accompanied by four villagers, looked for him and found his body at 11:30. When they moved his dead body another nearby landmine unexpectedly exploded. The explosion seriously wounded two and left three others slightly injured.

On September 14, 2002 at 09:15 a Hosakee villager Saw Tarpae Leh, 20, son of Saw Ne Hsae and Naw Marli, stepped on a landmine on Mawchi-Taungoo road at Leh Lawpae No. 78, laid by Burmese troops from LIB No. 307.

On September 15, 2002 a group of Pwadoh villagers were ordered by the Burmese commander from LIB No. 302/307 to work on the Mawchi-Taungoo road. Tarmaw Pae, 25, stepped on a landmine which was laid by Burmese troops. Due to his huge landmine explosion, Saw Thar Paw, 35, was wounded on his right leg, Saw Thatu Mae, 30, lost his left leg, Saw Kaw Ba, 20, was wounded on his face, Saw Lekee, 28, was hit in a left rib, Saw Tudu, 18, was wounded in his face, Tarmaw Pae's wife, who was 5-months pregnant was wounded in the groin and calf and Naw Eh Nar Paw was killed.

SPDC troops rape a village girl

On August 17, 2002, SPDC Captain Zaw Min Oo from LIB No 427, company No 1 led about 20 troops to Mosoe village, Prusoe Township. Captain Zaw Min OO and his troops found Jekley, 14, daughter of Martino and Metiler, working in a maize field and raped her. One of her relatives who witnessed the incident presented the case at the village monthly meeting on August 27. The village chief reporteed the case to the commader of LIB No 427 for legal action. During the battalion commanderís investigation, two corporals, Kae Reh and Khin Zaw, indicted their commander Zaw Min Oo. Captain Zaw Min Oo is still unnder investigation.

Villagers ordered to inform SPDC

On September 16, 2002, the commander of LIB No 428, Myint Thein, from Markrawshe base gave a verbal command to all villagers living in Markrawshe village to go to the base without fail. They were told by the Burmese commander to give him any and all information they had about Karenni troops to him or pay a fine.

Forced labor

On September 18, 2002, villagers in Htee Paw Soe village were ordereed by SPDC Commander Myo Nyant from LIB No 531 to provide him with 20 wooden posts and 100 bamboo poles each. They were ordered to bring the materials to him by September 22.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Date: August 19, 2002

News Report

The recent effect of land-mines in Karenni

A villager named Saw Kha Maw Meh, aged 28 Ys, from Bwar do village of Mawchi area in Karenni, stepped on a land-mine laid by SPDC Light Infantry Battalion No. (428) near the village on August 12, 2002. After being informed, the wife Naw Nel Nel accompanied by four male villagers set out from the village to collect the dead body. They discovered the body of the victim on August 15, 2002. On the same day, the five villagers were wounded two of them seriously when another land-mine exploded.

SPDCís illegal arrest of villagers

A column of SPDC troops entered Daw Tamakyi and Daw Nyay Khu village on August 5, 2002 and arrested the two headmen and the two secretaries of the villages, accusing them of failing to provide information about the Karenni Armyís activities. On the same day, the troops also arrested Khu Beh Reh and his wife from Daw Tamakyi village without giving any reason.

The troops also ordered the villagers to do the following:
1. to guard the motor-road,
2. to provide security for SPDC troops taking position around the area and
3. to guarantee that there would be no fighting with SPDC troops.

The troops also instructed the villagers that any damages to military infrastructures or vehicles, or casualties caused by fighting must be compensated by the villagers.

The troops also threatened the villagers that the villages would be set on fire or would be relocated to another area if a fight happened either inside or outside the village.


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