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How you can help

Make a Donation

Clothes, stationary supplies, books, dictionaries, sports equipment and financial support are continuously needed in the camps and inside Karenni State, especially for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) living in the jungle. To make a donation, contact KITE beforehand so that you know that you are donating something that will really be put to good use.

Spread the Word

Talk to other people (your friends, groups and organizations in your community, reporters, anyone, ...) about what is going on inside Karenni State. Contact KITE if you need more information, documentation, or specifics. KITE can particularly help you if you need materials to include information on Karenni State in your curriculum or if you want to create a partnership between your school and a Karenni school or organization.

Buy a T-Shirt!

KITE is currently selling KSU (Karenni Student Union) t-shirts! Buy one now and be the first on your block with a t-shirt with English, Burmese, and Kayah script! KSU supports student activities in the camps and provides scholarships for students inside Karenni State.

See for Yourself Firsthand

If you are traveling in Northern Thailand, KITE can help you meet and learn more from Karenni people living in Thailand. Contact KITE for more information.


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